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Attorney Varble Recovers More Lost Funds for Town of Beekman

Michael R. Varble & Associates, P.C. is pleased to announce that, due to the diligent and knowledgeable work of Town of Beekman Attorney Michael R. Varble, Esq., the Town has secured another $60K in insurance money following a comptroller scandal. This recovery brings the total amount of money Attorney Varble has secured for the Town to roughly $500,000.

Earlier this year, former Beekman comptroller Fred Knapp pleaded guilty to embezzling approximately $539,000 from the Town of Beeker. The crimes were discovered after Knapp had left his position, when the current town bookkeeper uncovered that Knapp had used fraudulent town checks to pay for personal travel expenses on an American Express account.

Fortunately for the Town and its residents, Beekman was covered for this kind a fraud and Town Attorney Michael R. Varble, Esq. has been negotiating with the insurance companies to recover the lost money. Last month, he secured $440K in coverage for the Town. With this month's additional recovery $60K, Michael R. Varble & Associates, P.C. has now delivered nearly 90% of the lost money to the Town of Beekman—which amounted to nearly a quarter of a million dollars a year while Knapp was in office.

Beekman’s policy limit with one insurer, Zurich, has now been fully honored at its maximum $500,000. Michael R. Varble & Associates, P.C. is currently pursuing further funds from New York Municipal Insurance Reciprocal, in addition to preparing for pending litigation with the accounting firm O'Connor Davies LLP, who failed to uncover Knapp’s embezzlement during 2011 and 2012 audits.

We congratulate Michael R. Varble, Esq. on his continued success on this case and know that he will continue to bring the same legal prowess to the remaining negotiation and litigation needed to recover the remaining funds.

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