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How To Choose A Hudson Valley Criminal Defense Lawyer

Choosing a criminal defense attorney can be difficult, but it is also paramount to have the best defense in your case. Selecting the right attorney is probably the hardest decision most people are faced with when they are involved in, or charged with a crime. Here are some things you should look for when choosing your criminal defense attorney.

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1. Hire an Attorney Who is Focused on Criminal Law.

It is crucial that you hire an attorney who is focused on criminal defense such as DWI, murder offenses, sex and drug offenses, etc. A knowledgeable and well-seasoned attorney who is a great litigator is the attorney you want representing you in court.

2. Hire a Private Lawyer

It may seem expensive compared to the public attorney, but private attorneys have the time and resources for individual clients. Public attorneys have hundreds of cases to deal with, so they will not be able to give you enough time or provide you with the required or adequate defense.

3. Choose the Private Lawyer Carefully

Find details for a number of private attorneys who focus on the area of defense you need. Keep consults with them, decide which qualities are important to you, and look for those qualities in an attorney. Are you comfortable with the attorney? Are they experienced? How long have they been practicing? How many cases have they tried? While many attorneys will represent that they have experience, some have only been practicing for a couple of years and may have little or no trial experience.

4. Find References

Ask friends and family if they know of any criminal defense attorneys, or ask the attorney to give you references. Talk with past or present clients and get their feedback. Talking with a client can give you some perspective as to what that attorney is like.

5. Research the Attorney

Check if the attorney is registered with any legal organization. The attorney should at least belong to the County and State Bar, and may be associated with other organizations. Also check if the attorney has ever held office in an organization of which they are a member. Is the attorney involved with the community in any way?

6. Has the Attorney Earned Any Legal Ratings?

Attorneys are rated by many legal referral services as well as clients. Find out what ratings or awards the attorney has. Attorneys are rated by,, Google,,, Martindale-Hubbell and other various legal referral services. Check an attorney's rating with clients to get a good idea of what people think of their services.

7. Ask Questions & Discuss Your Case.

The initial consultation is the deciding factor for most clients as to whom they will have represent them. Ask questions, and ask more questions. Ask the attorney their experience level and if they have tried many cases similar to yours. How much litigation experience does the attorney have? Ask whom will be working on your case and so on. An attorney with a support staff and paralegals can make more time for clients. Discuss your case with the attorney. The consultation is a great time to get the attorneys perspective on your case. It is just as important to find out about your attorneys experience and reputation as it is to research a good physician.

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If you’re facing criminal charges, hiring just any attorney is not going to be the best option for you. Instead, you should hire an attorney who is focused on criminal law. It is crucial that you hire an attorney who has experience with criminal defense such as DWI, murder offences, sex and drug offenses, etc.

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