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Attorney Varble Interviewed About Mid Hudson Medical Group Sale

In the midst of a serious medical malpractice scandal, Mid Hudson Medical Group decided to sell off its assets to Mount Kisco Medical Group. Many are speculating that one of the main reasons they made this move was to avoid future monetary damages from the onslaught of medical malpractice lawsuits they are facing. However, as Attorney Michael Varble of Michael R. Varble & Associates, P.C. points out, many plaintiffs will face little trouble obtaining settlements (as long as the win) from the medical group, regardless of where their assets are.

Though Attorney Varble is not involved in the case, he was interviewed by the Poughkeepsie Journal due to his knowledge and insight on medical malpractice and injury claims.

"If Mount Kisco is purchasing the assets, they purchase the liabilities as well," Attorney Varble said. "Normally, the liabilities and assets are sold as one piece. You can't just pick and choose parts of a business." With this in mind, Mount Kisco will likely inherit the legal challenges and obstacles that Mid Hudson created or continue to work with them through the process.

The Mid Hudson surgeon responsible for more than 250 medical malpractice lawsuits is currently serving time in prison for running a multi-million dollar insurance defrauding scheme. Some businesses will have excess liability insurance, which could result in high limits in this particular case.

Last year, several attorneys representing plaintiffs involved in the case attempted to put an end to the asset selling, claiming that it would hinder their settlements; however, a state Supreme Court justice denied the motion.

Varble explained that if Mid Hudson had attempted to sell its assets to Mount Kisco without telling them that they were facing lawsuits for medical malpractice, the transfer could be considered fraudulent, raising even more concerns and issues. He speculates that this is not the case, as there has been much scrutiny of the medical group since the news on the scandal broke out.

Though it seems like a risky business deal, Attorney Varble noted that "They must be getting a good deal." He further commented that "If Mount Kisco's attorneys are competent, which I'm sure they are, I assume they would have calculated all of that into the…negotiations."

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