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Personal Injury Cases Don't Cost Our Clients

Many people I speak to about personal injury cases seem to believe that it costs them money out of their own pocket to hire an attorney for a personal injury case. Not true. When you retain our firm, your consultation is free, there is no retainer fee for hiring us for a personal injury case and we pay the expenses associated with your case. If we do not recover funds from the defendant or their insurance carrier, my firm does not receive any money for your case. I have been told by many clients that other attorneys will request a certain amount of fees up front for a personal injury case to defray the costs associated with their case. We do not require our clients to pay those expenses out of pocket. The expenses are paid, initially, by our firm and then we are reimbursed from any settlement or verdict.

"What type of expenses are incurred in a personal injury case ?" is another question I normally have to answer for a client during a consultation. Well, there are many kinds of expenses associated with personal injury litigation. We have to acquire copies of medical records and there are charges for those copies. Medical malpractice cases require attorneys in New York to have the case reviewed by a licensed physician and certified as malpractice. Obviously, a doctor charges us to review a client's chart and certify that malpractice was committed by the health care professional involved. Often times there are expenses associated with investigations, as well, like fees for a private investigator to inspect and photograph a scene of an accident, take statements from witnesses, acquire police accident reports and even to preserve evidence. If an auto accident is serious enough, we may have an accident reconstructionist examine the client's car or motorcycle, the other vehicle involved and the location of the accident. If there is a claimed defect in a product that injured one of my client's, we have an engineer evalute the product and determine if there is a defective design, or a defect in the manufacture of the product. Once our investigation is complete, we are then required to pay fees associated with filing the claim as well. In New York, we must purchase an index number for $210.00, we have process servers fees that vary depending on the location of the person that needs to be served, a fee for having a judge assigned ot your case which is $ 95.00, and motion fees are $ 45.00 per motion. We also have to pay for deposition transcripts and this expense varies depending on the length of the deposition. If we are required to go to trial for your case, there are witness fees for subpoenas that include mileage expenses and expert testimony fees which are normally several thousands of dollars. We do not incur fees that are unnecessary, but clients do need to know that serious cases are usually expensive. We at Michael R. Varble & Associates, P.C. are happy to invest in our client's cases and make sure they receive the recovery they deserve.

With all of this information in mind, please understand that we pay for all the expenses of litigation. We only get reimbursed if we recover from the defendant and you, as a client, do not have to pay these costs to get results. We know how to prepare your case to achieve the best possible results and to try to make you whole again. Our consultations have always been free and I will make myself available on nights and weekends if you require. While I hope you do not have to become the plaintiff in a personal injury suit, if you are injured and it is someone else's fault, call me for a free consultation. Me and all the other attorneys at Michael R. Varble & Associates, P.C. will fight for you.