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Michael Jordan says paternity suit is false

Michael Jordan fans in New York may have already heard about the paternity suit filed against him. Jordan denies the allegation that he is the father of a woman's 16-year-old son and is fighting the paternity suit. He has filed a motion to dismiss the lawsuit and is countersuing the woman for making false accusations.

The interesting thing about the woman's allegations is that public records may reveal that the paternity of the child in question was established during a divorce proceeding years ago. According to Jordan's court documents, another man was conclusively found to be the father of the child in question during those proceedings. A spokeswoman for Jordan says he will defend his reputation and himself against these allegations.

According to the woman's documents, she and Jordan met in the late 1980s In Chicago. She is asking the court to order Jordan to submit to a paternity test and pay child support. She would also like to have the boy's last name legally changed to Jordan and have a new birth certificate issued.

There are many men in New York who may be able to empathize with Michael Jordan's situation. Men are often brought into court to prove they are not the father of a child; and when it is shown that a man is not the father, the damage is already done. There are many women who are honestly just trying to have the father of their child held accountable for their child by asking the court to determine paternity and order child support. Unfortunately, there are some women who abuse the system, though it remains to be seen how this litigation will be resolved.

Source: USA Today, "Michael Jordan files to dismiss paternity lawsuit," March 4, 2013