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New York divorce: Keeping the cost of a divorce down

When considering divorce, many couples in New York may be focusing on the major issues involved such as property division, child custody and child support. What may not readily be considered is how much it may cost to get through the divorce process. There are ways to keep the cost of divorce reasonable and still ensure a fair and equitable settlement.

Having a support system is essential during a divorce. Couples need to be sure, however, that it is their friends and family they turn to for emotional support, not their attorneys. Of course, anyone may contact their attorney at any time, but it should be known that every contact with the attorney is being billed. Conversely, many well-meaning friends and family will offer legal advice in an effort to be supportive; however, this could end up costing more money if a mistake has to be corrected. It may be a good idea to make sure that attorneys are used for legal advice, and friends and family provide the emotional support.

The media tends to portray people getting divorced as fighting over some seemingly innocuous object. To that couple, however, it was important. New York couples that are considering divorce may want to be sure that those things they are arguing over are truly worth the fight. If a couple is able to compromise, they may not have to spend as much time in court. On that note, couples may want to consider using mediation in order to come to a settlement.

Getting a divorce can be financially stressful enough without spending large amounts of money on the process itself. Using an attorney and other processes available such as mediation to help get through the legal process can also save money. Being practical and having a strategy may help the process go more smoothly and thus more cost effective.

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