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New York child support: sperm donor sought for child support

People in New York may not have heard about the sperm donor that's being sought to pay child support in another state. The state is demanding the man pay child support for a 3-year-old girl of a lesbian couple. The donor is fighting what many see as a dangerous precedent.

The man signed an agreement with the couple back in 2009 indicating that in exchange for his donation, he would not be held liable for child support and was giving up any parental rights to the child. When the child was born, no father was listed on the birth certificate. The couple still co-parents their children even though they are no longer together. The mother of the three-year-old in question had to quit work due to an illness and asked the state for financial assistance.

The state then turned to the donor for child support. The state claims that the agreement signed by the parties was not valid since a medical doctor did not perform the insemination. The donor's lawyer has indicated that that this logic puts sperm donors at risk since a woman could potentially inseminate herself and then demand child support.

Any man in New York that has, or would, donate sperm may agree with that logic. A man that finds himself in a situation where he is being asked to pay child support for a child he doesn't think he is responsible for may benefit from seeking advice and assistance on how to handle the matter. Just because the state tells a man he is the father of a child doesn't necessarily make it true, and there are legal options for those involved to consider both before and after the decision to help.

Source: The Huffington Post, "Kansas Sperm Donor For Lesbian Couple Faces Child Support Suit From State," John Celok, Dec. 31, 2012