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New York City business may not survive bitter divorce

An ice cream shop in New York City's East Village may not survive the divorce battle being fought by its owners. When the couple opened the shop in 2008, they were still married. They may not have thought at that time that they would end up in divorce court fighting over whether to keep the shop open.

The couple got divorced last year, but they are still fighting over the business. According to court documents, the husband wants to dissolve the business so that he will no longer be financially responsible for it. It also seems that he believes his wife is trying to oust him from the business in order to bring in a new investor.

His ex-wife maintains that he took profits from the business, but she did all of the work. She acknowledges that they aren't able to work together, but wants to keep the business open. She would like to come to a settlement on the issue that would allow the business to stay open without her husband's participation.

Going into business with a spouse may be a good idea when the marriage is working, but it can quickly become a nightmare when a couple decides to divorce. Some New York couples are able to part as friends, and staying in business together is not an issue. However, not all couples are able to work together after a divorce. At the same time that the couple is dealing with the other issues involved in a divorce, they may want to make sure they also deal with the business as they would with any other asset.

Source: New York Post, "Couple's divorce threatens vegan East Village ice-cream shop," Selim Algar, Jan. 28, 2013