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New York child support: Casinos down south are helping parents

Single parents in New York may be interested to know about a relatively new way that another state is collecting child support from non-custodial parents. With so many single parents struggling to make ends meet without the benefit of receiving payments from the non-custodial parent, any method a state can use to collect back child support would be welcome. Perhaps the method being used by this other state will catch on around the country.

The method involves casinos seizing the winnings of non-custodial parents that are on a list as owing back child support and giving those winnings to the state. The state then gives those funds to the custodial parent. It's called the "casino intercept initiative," and officials say that the almost year-old program has been immensely successful thus far.

One mother was surprised to find that she had been paid some of the child support that she has been waiting for at least a couple of years. The money came in time for her and her children to enjoy the holidays. She has been solely responsible for supporting her two children, much in the same way many single parents in New York are as well.

With the collective amount of back child support that is owed in New York, an unconventional program such as this may be helpful. Outside of the existence of programs like this, a custodial parent that is not receiving child support parents may turn to the courts for help. A non-custodial parent may be brought before the court to explain why they are unable to make their payments.

Source:, "Casinos play big role in tracking down child support payments," Danielle Grossman, Jan. 30, 2013