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New York divorce: Things to do after the divorce is done

Many people in New York may believe that once a couple steps out of the courtroom with a divorce settlement signed by the judge that they are done. The marriage may be officially over, but that doesn't mean there isn't still work to be done. As the divorce is finalized, there are many papers to be signed.

Depending on the assets involved in the settlement, there may be sale papers or transfer of ownership papers that will need to be taken care of by the parties in order to comply with the settlement. For instance, if there was a house involved in the divorce, there will be papers to sign commensurate with how that house is being handled. If the house is being sold by the parties, there will be documents to contend with. If one party is taking title to the house, a quit claim deed may be needed to transfer the house into that party's name.

Any accounts that were split in some way during the divorce may require paperwork to ensure those accounts become properly titled. These accounts can range from retirement accounts to cell phone accounts, and everything in between. If the now ex-wife is going to return to her maiden name, there will be several documents she will need to have changed back into her maiden name.

It is important for couples to remember that just because the marriage is over doesn't mean the paperwork is done. New York couples may want to have a checklist they can refer to after the divorce settlement is finalized in order to ensure that all of the documents necessary to untangle the parties from each other have been signed. The more documents that can be handled right after the divorce if final the less likely it is that there will be problems for the parties in the future.

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