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New York divorce: Grammer settles with ex-wife for $30M

With the number of celebrity couples getting divorced these days, people in New York won't be shocked to know that one more celebrity couple has finally reached a settlement in their divorce. What they may be shocked to find out, is that the couple didn't have a prenuptial agreement. When that happens, the settlement of property division issues in the divorce can get dicey and cost a lot of money.

Kelsey Grammer, of "Frasier" fame, has recently come to a settlement in his divorce from Camille Grammer. The couple didn't have a prenuptial agreement, so Grammer has agreed to give his ex half of his fortune - or about $30 million. When the couple got married, he reportedly had a drug problem and was nearly broke. By the time they filed for divorce, their fortune included three houses and totaled approximately $60 million.

Their divorce was finalized in early 2011, but the couple is just now reaching a final settlement on asset division and apparently child custody issues. That long period of time may be a reflection of their contentious relationship. Grammer has said that they turned to others for negotiation help because they found it impossible to be civil with each other, especially in front of their children.

Many New York couples need help coming to a settlement when they can't see eye to eye on anything. And even with help, there may still be an issue or two that can't be hammered out without the help of the courts. At every step of the way it can help to turn to someone with solid legal experience to help things go as smoothly as possible.

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