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Who keeps the ring during Poughkeepsie property division?

Divorce typically ends with a splitting up of all the assets that the couple acquired while they were married. A wedding ring can have particular sentimental value, and usually has some monetary value as well. Both of these values can lead to one or both spouses in a Poughkeepsie divorce wanting the ring during property division. This leaves some couples in a difficult situation.

Some might not want the ring, but they don't want their spouse to have it. In other cases both people might want the ring. It can sometimes be a difficult situation to figure out who gets what, even with property other than the ring.

When it comes down to who gets the ring, it often depends on how the ring was given to the other person, and local laws. Consulting a Poughkeepsie divorce attorney might be a wise idea in order to determine who gets to keep a ring during property division.

An experienced attorney can also help with other kinds of property division during a divorce. Usually there is a division of a house, cars, and property in the house. Other things people might not consider right away are the division of retirement assets and financial accounts. These accounts can have substantial value and may help a person maintain financial security during and after divorce.

Just because it isn't right in front of you doesn't mean it can't be divided. An attorney may be able to get you help to assess the value of your belongings, which is one of the first steps in determining who gets what during a divorce.

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