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New York parents should get involved to get child custody

Getting involved in your child's school can have a positive influence on them. If you are going through a divorce in New York where child custody may be determined by a judge, involvement in your child's school might be seen as one of the most important factors. This means going above and beyond what a school expects of parents in order to make a positive impression.

Not only will your involvement in your child's school help make a positive impression if the judge inquires with the school about your involvement, but it will help develop a closer relationship with your child and show them that you care.

By making an effort to talk with your child's teachers, you can help understand what is going on in that child's class, volunteer to supervise field trips, and make sure you child is on track with their coursework. Regularly reviewing homework and signing off on assignments will help document your involvement. This will also be beneficial when a judge is deciding custody, because he or she will be able to see what parent has the most direct involvement in the child's education.

Parents can help set their child up for success and be a continued influence in their child's life, even if they are going through a divorce. Child custody can sometimes be hard for New York parents to agree upon. If a custody decision is decided by a judge, being involved in the child's school and education will help present a positive case.

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