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Child support might leave some New York men broke under new policy

A new policy that will be implemented next spring is meant to reduce costs to the federal government, but this new policy may cost some men their entire income. The police would eliminate the use of paper checks for payment of federal benefits, such as disability. Those who have owed child support, including men in New York, who have their bank accounts frozen because of the owed support, will then likely be unable to receive any income.

When they receive paper checks, the men are able to cash the checks to pay for their expenses, but when it is directly deposited into a frozen account, the money becomes unavailable and will likely end up back with the federal government.

Although some of the money in frozen accounts might go to children who need child support, much of the money will go back to the federal government to pay back welfare benefits paid to the child years ago. Many of the children are now grown up and not eligible for child support.

The men who have missed payments and are relying on government income were likely unable to work because of a disability. They also couldn't make payments because of their minimal income, and now the small amount of disability payments they receive from the federal government will likely be taken back.

When someone is unable to pay the child support payments they owe, it is important to ask for an alteration to the payments early. Speaking with a child support attorney in New York might be a wise decision. They may be able to help those who are unable to pay seek an alternative.

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