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New York divorce: Ex claims wife hid pricey shoe collection

Negotiating property division during divorce can be a tricky business. But a recent New York case involves an uncommon level of dispute. It involves a New York hedge fund executive who has filed suit against his professional poker player ex-wife. The property division dispute is not, as one might guess, over her poker winnings. Rather, the ex-husband is suing his ex-wife over her shoes.

Yes, that's right. He alleges that his wife failed to disclose her expensive shoe collection during the property division phase of their divorce three years back. Apparently, the poker professional ex-wife is quite well-known for both her card-playing skills and a designer shoe lover. Her extensive collection of shoes has been featured on MTV's "Cribs" and could be valued in the neighborhood of $1 million.

In fact, her ex-husband now claims that her failure to confess about the shoe collection in divorce proceedings means that he may have lost out on hundreds of thousands of dollars. She, on the other hand, seems to believe that the entire lawsuit is ludicrous. She says that his allegation that she kept her shoes in a "secret room" is without merit. According to her, that would mean he didn't know that their master bedroom closet even existed.

This New York property division case may well have a lot of people sizing up the issues. When couples divorce in our state, they are typically required to prepare and complete a financial disclosure affidavit to facilitate equitable distribution of assets. The affidavit must list each party's assets and liabilities, and yes, a shoe collection of $1 million would perhaps be required to be included.

If it was provided, the husband likely has no claim. If it wasn't, the court might have little choice but to reopen talks on property division - something the courts would probably rather not do.

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