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Property division through mediation

Many people think divorce is always brutal, time consuming and costly. Both future ex-spouses want the nice car with the heated leather seats, the big screen TV, and the recreational vehicles. Some may be determined to duke it out in court but there is an alternative that might be a less tense, less costly option.

On top of property division, some couples in New York also might not know how to deal with child custody. All of these things can be done outside of the court room. If both spouses are able to sit down across the table from each other, they may be able to work out their division of property and their child custody through a process called mediation.

Instead of going through court orders, the couple could use a mediator, who is third party that works to host negotiations between the two people. This alternative allows couples to better customize their divorce to fit the needs of both parties. The use of the mediator let's both parties consider their current and future needs and the needs of their spouse and children. They then work together through the mediator to come up with the best outcome.

Although this is not for every couple, it often comes with less tension and fewer costs than a court ordered property division. Talking with an experienced family law attorney can help you decide what option is best for you and they can advise you throughout the process and with any issues that might arise after the divorce is finalized.

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