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Many reasons for divorce increase in January

The holidays are over, and people are making their New Year's resolutions. Most people try to improve their lives year to year and they use the month of January to outline their goals for the new year. Sometimes, when a marriage isn't going so well, people might take this time after the holidays to determine if the beginning of the year is a good time for them to seek a divorce. In fact, many people who deal with divorce say that January is one of the most common times that people seek a divorce.

Whatever the reason for wanting a divorce, people should not rush to any conclusion just because divorcing their spouse is something they've considered. Divorce is a length process, and it should be done properly to prevent an agreement from locking you into a financial or custody situation that might not work a few years down the line.

An increase in couples divorcing in January might provide reassurance that you aren't alone, but seeking a divorce should be a personal decision, not a decision made on popular choices. Unless you feel your future or the future of your kids are in danger, it would be wise to look into all of your options and make sure you are prepared to file for divorce before proceeding.

Speaking with an experienced New York divorce attorney can help you decide how to approach the process and explore when might be the best time to file for divorce.

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