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Multiple divorce approaches for New York couples

Divorce can take a toll on families. When a divorce isn't amicable in New York, many couples think that the procedures will be drawn out through a lengthy court battle and cost more money than your combined assets are worth. The truth is, most divorces are not battled out in a trial, but are settled through various alternatives.

Mediation is an alternative to going to trial to divide all of your belongings and sort out custody. This option allows some flexibility for couples to negotiate their needs and wants for them and their children. When couples seek mediation to resolve their divorce, they can sometimes prevent exposing their children to some of the direct divorce proceedings. Heading into a divorce with the intent for both parties to negotiate in good faith will also help the proceedings to keep moving forward.

Collaborative divorce is another way to seek a divorce. This involves an attorney who can sit down and work with your spouse's attorney to come up with a solution to the divorce in a non-hostile environment. If the negotiations fall apart, both spouses can seek new attorneys and work through the formal legal process.

These alternatives can save money and hopefully reduce some of the frustration that going to court might cause. Alternatives to trial are not always right for everyone. Each divorce has many different circumstances. Speaking with an experienced New York divorce attorney can help those going through a divorce decide what route is best for their situation.

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