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5 solid tips for dealing with the strain of a divorce

As New York residents know, marriage dissolution will drive you crazy. So, how do you get through a divorce without losing it? A recent article discusses some valuable tips for divorcing individuals. The source reports that there are five main steps that help facilitate the departure from your former loved one.

The first tip is to separate from your spouse as soon as you can. If possible, you should physically remove yourself from your ex before the divorce filing. If you have come to the point where you can no longer be committed to this person, you probably should not live with them. It creates a very unhealthy and stressful environment. Furthermore, conflicts will probably escalate if you continue to live in such a tense environment.

Second, the article recommends that you employ an experienced attorney that you trust. If you are going through the financial and emotional problems of divorce, you need an attorney who can logically settle your problems. This will help ease your anxiety. The source explains that if you are not sold by the end of your first consultation, you should probably look for another one.

Next, the article suggests that you set aside time to work on your financial disclosures. It can be difficult to complete the financial forms required for a divorce case. These forms take time and serve as a reminder of what is actually happening. Nevertheless, if you block away a series of two-hour time slots, you will have these filled out in no time.

Furthermore, you should develop a list of priorities as you sort through the divorce settlement. There are so many factors involved in a separation--children, property, debts, etc. You should organize a plan of how to resolve these issues. What is most important to you? What do you want to get out of this process? That way, when you begin the divorce proceeding, you will have your concerns addressed in a timely manner.

Finally, the article suggests that you should commit to an exercise regimen. It will help you relieve your stress and keep you healthy.

It is completely natural to be upset and stressed when you are confronting a divorce. While these tips are not lifesavers, they can inevitably ease some pain as you navigate through this difficult process.

Source: The Huffington Post, "Going through a divorce without going crazy," Edra J. Pollin, Feb. 2, 2012