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New York women may lose health insurance in the divorce

Many families in New York rely on the health insurance plan provided by one party's employer. This makes sense until the couple gets a divorce. At that time, one of the parties may find themselves without health insurance. The party that normally ends up in that position is the woman.

Children may be able to remain covered under an existing health insurance policy, but the same is not often true for a former spouse. The loss of health insurance through a spouse's employer may not have as large of an impact on a woman who is employed full time. In that event, obtaining health insurance coverage may be as simple as signing up with an employer.

That is, unless the premium is cost prohibitive. Often times in a divorce, both parties suffer at least some monetary loss from both income and assets. If that loss turns out to be significant, it may not matter if health insurance is available, a party may not be able to afford to have it. Many companies offer former spouses COBRA, but the cost of COBRA is often too high for the former spouse to afford.

It is possible to for a divorce settlement to address the issue of health insurance. The parties can agree that one party will assist the other in paying for health insurance coverage in order to make sure that each party has an equal chance of having health insurance. In any event, New York couples that are getting a divorce may want to explore all of the options available to them regarding health insurance coverage prior to finalizing their divorce.

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