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Jon Gosselin faces jail time for not paying child support

Former reality television star Jon Gosselin is facing jail time for not paying his child support. Gosselin says that he is in the position of either paying his rent or his child support. Many New York residents are probably familiar with this predicament considering today's economy.

It's hard enough making ends meet when there are two parents in the household. Being a single parent either receiving or paying child support can be even more challenging. The parent who is paying the support may find themselves strapped and unable to provide themselves with the basic necessities, let alone pay child support. On the other side, there is a parent who relies on child support to get by.

More often than not, parents who do not have full custody of their children understand the responsibility placed on the custodial parent and aren't trying to shirk their responsibilities. They are willing to pay their child support, but economic circumstances may not make it easy. Unfortunately, not being able to pay support also puts a financial strain on the custodial parent.

Sometimes, the parties need to go back to court in order to come up with a more equitable solution that allows both parties to provide the basic necessities for themselves and their families. The laws of New York provide that child support orders can be modified, based upon proof of a substantial change in circumstances. Being advised of the rights and responsibilities of each party relative to child support may help parents confront their financial issues fairly and in the best interests of any children involved.

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