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Poughkeepsie paternity cases can be difficult for both parents

Many times, when paternity is debated, the case and conclusion of paternity can have a lasting impact on not only the mother and child involved, but the father and his family. One paternity case in another state could resonate with some Poughkeepsie families. A man was wrongfully accused of paternity and wasn't able to pay child support.

After being thrown in jail, he found out the child wasn't his, and was able to prove it with DNA evidence. The man was later released but was still supposed to pay the $50,000 in child support the court said he owed.

Although it wasn't his child, he was still being held responsible for the payments. The child's mother eventually waived her right to the payments, finally ending the case that greatly affected both sides. Not only does the woman involved not know who her baby's father is, but the man involved was forced to live without his family when he was put in jail.

His wife and kids suffered by having to raise the kids with a single parent. Although this case might be extreme, it does show that even though a court decides child support payments need to be made, DNA evidence and paternity tests might help shine light on a similar situation in Poughkeepsie. If someone isn't sure who the father of a child is, they may be wise to speak with a family law attorney.

An attorney experienced in family law will be able to help a family decide the best course of action for their individual paternity situation.

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