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Child custody questions with cohabitation in Poughkeepsie

Past data has shown that many people decide to get married before having children. A new study is showing that many people are having children while cohabitating with another person, instead of getting married, deviating from the past trend. Whatever this increase in children from cohabitation relationships is caused by, it is important to remember that there are still options for parents if they are to split up.

Poughkeepsie child custody can still be determined, or even shared by either parent. If a relationship ends, but the couple was never married, child custody agreements can still be worked out. Judges will often use discretion to determine what will be in the best interest of the child.

While many child custody disputes do take place during a divorce, they can still take place between two parents that are not married. Couples that cohabitated and have children love them very much. It is important that if the couple breaks up that they respect the fact that both parents want what's right for the children.

Just because two people decide to no longer to live together, doesn't mean they can't raise their children together. Many times agreements can be reached that allow both parents to share custody of the children. However, some Poughkeepsie child custody cases can get complicated. If that happens, it might be a wise decision to speak with an experienced child custody attorney. They can help each parent understand their rights and work toward an agreement that is right for everyone involved.

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