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Parents know best: child custody agreements get detailed

We've all heard it: parents know best. Now that we're older, we can see that there may have been some truth to this old saying. It is also at the cornerstone of almost all child custody agreements. Each parent wants their children to grow up to become successful, well-rounded adults.

One problem some divorcing parents face is just exactly how to raise their children to become successful. Each parent might have a different idea. Some parents are members of different organizations, have different upbringings and different religions, all which make their views on how to raise children different. Even with these differences, raising children after a divorce doesn't have to be full of conflict. More parents are seeking detailed custody agreements in order to ensure both parents have an influence on the child's life no matter whose custody day it is.

Parents are now including details such as what religion their children should be raised with, what church they should attend and what holidays they celebrate, especially when the parents have different religions. Part of a child custody agreement might now dictate that children stay with one parent during Hanukah and the other during Christmas. They might also go as far to say that neither parent can talk negatively about the other parent's religion.

Although such detailed agreements should be used with caution and this much detail might seem extreme to some people, experts and parents alike, say that these types of agreements prevent a lot of conflict when it comes down to the specific holidays and other custody issues.

Source: The Washington Post, "Divorce's details: Custody agreements are getting more complex," Michelle Boorstein, Dec. 26, 2011