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  • Check Out Our New Pages On Our Website And Our Office New Location

    || 6-Feb-2014

    In this blog post, I just wanted to provide all our followers and readers a little information about our firm. We recently relocated to 40 Garden Street Poughkeepsie, New York and we are very excited to be in our new building. We have an outstanding new office space right of the arterial in Poughkeepsie and are very happy in our new digs. Come by and pay us a visit if you are in teh neighborhood. ...
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  • In today's blog post, I discuss how we attorneys prepare for trial and how we think about your case when we are preparing for trial in a personal injury case. Chances are, if you are reading this blog post, you or someone you know has been injured in an accident and needs the help of an attorney. Well, how do we go about preparing you case for trial. I could sit here and write about the ...
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  • Happy Holidays to All Our Readers and Our Family of Clients

    || 24-Dec-2013

    From all of us at KVA, we would like to wish everyone a happy and joyous holiday season and a Merry Christmas. Enjoy the holidays, your family and friends. At times like these I like to reflect on what has transpired over the past year and to evaluate where we were a year ago and how far we have come. We have seen a few changes here at KVA with the introduction of our new website, the addition of ...
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  • New York mother loses appeal to child custody ruling

    || 11-Mar-2013

    An appellate court in New York upheld a family court decision to give a father sole custody of his children. The court also affirmed a ruling from the child custody case banning the children's mother from posting anything about them on Facebook. The mother's attorney says the ruling is unfortunate since the children's mother won't be able to post anything positive about her ...
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  • New York child custody: Is 14 too young to pick a parent?

    || 21-Feb-2013

    Many New York couples are familiar with the myriad of issues that have to be dealt with during a divorce. Many of those couples may have children and may also be aware of the fact that the issue of child custody can be one of the most contentious. The senate of one state is attempting to decide whether to lower the age at which the child can have input into what parent they live with after the ...
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  • New York executive in unusual child custody fight

    || 31-Jan-2013

    Not all child custody disputes are conventional. While many people think of child custody in terms of divorcing parents, there are many custody disputes that take place under unusual circumstances. For example, a wealthy executive in New York is currently battling for custody of his girlfriend's biological son, whom he raised as his own, after her recent suicide. The executive was not allowed ...
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  • Co-parenting post-divorce isn't always easy for New York couples

    || 8-Nov-2012

    Co-parenting after a divorce isn't always easy. Many New York couples still have unresolved issues with each other that can get in the way. Being able to put aside those feelings of anger, hurt and resentment that lead to the divorce can be difficult, but the rewards in the long run may be worth it. Most parents in New York want what's best for their children. Even when a couple divorces, ...
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  • Paternity: DNA testing available on the streets of New York City

    || 10-Sep-2012

    "I mean, how do you know who your daddy is? Because your mama told you so?" This line from "JFK" used to be the only way to know who your daddy is, but not anymore. Anyone living in New York City that wants a paternity test can stand on the corner and use their cab hailing skills to flag down the DNA van. With a prescription from a doctor, DNA samples can be taken and sent off ...
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  • Can New York parents with child custody kidnap their children?

    || 16-Jun-2012

    New York's Court of Appeals made a divided decision on June 1 that custodial parents can be convicted of kidnapping their children in limited situations. The judge writing for the majority specified that this was possible in cases where the defendant acts in a clear and unjustifiably dangerous manner toward the child. Parents in Poughkeepsie and across New York who do not have child custody ...
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  • Child custody: 12-year-old's baptism violated divorce terms

    || 11-May-2012

    Child custody issues can continue long after divorce papers have been signed. That is as true in Poughkeepsie and throughout New York as it is just about any other place in the country. Married couples do not always agree on what is best for their children, even in circumstances where there is no intention of seeking a divorce. It stands to reason, then, that those who have decided to end their ...
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  • Child custody questions with cohabitation in Poughkeepsie

    || 12-Apr-2012

    Past data has shown that many people decide to get married before having children. A new study is showing that many people are having children while cohabitating with another person, instead of getting married, deviating from the past trend. Whatever this increase in children from cohabitation relationships is caused by, it is important to remember that there are still options for parents if they ...
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  • Poughkeepsie child custody disputes can get complicated

    || 4-Apr-2012

    Divorce can often seem like a rollercoaster when child custody matters are being handled. When two soon-to-be ex-spouses are trying to handle Poughkeepsie child custody issues, many words can be exchanged by both parties. Sometimes these words can harm one parent's case. It is important to remember that many times judges that are deciding child custody cases take into account parents' ...
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  • New York parents should get involved to get child custody

    || 14-Mar-2012

    Getting involved in your child's school can have a positive influence on them. If you are going through a divorce in New York where child custody may be determined by a judge, involvement in your child's school might be seen as one of the most important factors. This means going above and beyond what a school expects of parents in order to make a positive impression. Not only will your ...
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  • Global child custody battles take time for New York families

    || 23-Feb-2012

    We live in an increasingly global society. Travel is easier and faster than it has ever been. Many people travel the globe for work, and develop international relationships. These international relationships can sometimes lead to international custody disputes. Child custody matters for New York couples and others in the United States can take years to sort out. Resolutions of custody in one ...
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  • Parents know best: child custody agreements get detailed

    || 29-Dec-2011

    We've all heard it: parents know best. Now that we're older, we can see that there may have been some truth to this old saying. It is also at the cornerstone of almost all child custody agreements. Each parent wants their children to grow up to become successful, well-rounded adults. One problem some divorcing parents face is just exactly how to raise their children to become successful. ...
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