Blog Posts in March, 2012

  • Organized people often fair better in Poughkeepsie divorce

    || 28-Mar-2012

    Divorce can be a stressful time. There is often a lot of paperwork, and lots of things to account for when going through a divorce. Because Poughkeepsie divorce isn't always easy, it can help to take some time before filing for divorce to organize your belongings and items that might be useful in the divorce proceedings. Having an accounting of important information will be helpful in reducing ...
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  • Who keeps the ring during Poughkeepsie property division?

    || 22-Mar-2012

    Divorce typically ends with a splitting up of all the assets that the couple acquired while they were married. A wedding ring can have particular sentimental value, and usually has some monetary value as well. Both of these values can lead to one or both spouses in a Poughkeepsie divorce wanting the ring during property division. This leaves some couples in a difficult situation. Some might not ...
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  • New York parents should get involved to get child custody

    || 14-Mar-2012

    Getting involved in your child's school can have a positive influence on them. If you are going through a divorce in New York where child custody may be determined by a judge, involvement in your child's school might be seen as one of the most important factors. This means going above and beyond what a school expects of parents in order to make a positive impression. Not only will your ...
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  • What Poughkeepsie couples should know about alimony and taxes

    || 8-Mar-2012

    Getting a divorce can mean a change in tax status, as well as what you can deduct. Typically, a person who is paying alimony can deduct the payments on their taxes, and the person receiving the payments must report them and pay taxes on the money. It is important for those who divorce in Poughkeepsie to understand how alimony will affect their taxes. It is important to have it worked into the ...
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  • Child support might leave some New York men broke under new policy

    || 1-Mar-2012

    A new policy that will be implemented next spring is meant to reduce costs to the federal government, but this new policy may cost some men their entire income. The police would eliminate the use of paper checks for payment of federal benefits, such as disability. Those who have owed child support, including men in New York, who have their bank accounts frozen because of the owed support, will ...
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