Blog Posts in January, 2012

  • Feds go after child support violators, may help New York parents

    || 24-Jan-2012

    Child support is often a crucial need for parents who have sole custody of their children. Sometimes, the non-custodial parent will refuse to make child support payments, neglecting their children in the process. Families in New York who have not been receiving the child support may now be getting some help from a new federal government website. The site is used to post pictures and information ...
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  • Financial independence important before New York divorce

    || 18-Jan-2012

    Couples often take on routine responsibilities when they are married. It might be somewhat out of convenience, one spouse prefers one chore over another or maybe it is just that one spouse is just really good at bouncing checks and the other is more financially responsible. Whatever the case may be, it is important that when you seek a divorce you take your own finances by the rein. Sometimes ...
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  • Many reasons for divorce increase in January

    || 10-Jan-2012

    The holidays are over, and people are making their New Year's resolutions. Most people try to improve their lives year to year and they use the month of January to outline their goals for the new year. Sometimes, when a marriage isn't going so well, people might take this time after the holidays to determine if the beginning of the year is a good time for them to seek a divorce. In fact, ...
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  • Property division through mediation

    || 5-Jan-2012

    Many people think divorce is always brutal, time consuming and costly. Both future ex-spouses want the nice car with the heated leather seats, the big screen TV, and the recreational vehicles. Some may be determined to duke it out in court but there is an alternative that might be a less tense, less costly option. On top of property division, some couples in New York also might not know how to ...
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