Blog Posts in February, 2012

  • Global child custody battles take time for New York families

    || 23-Feb-2012

    We live in an increasingly global society. Travel is easier and faster than it has ever been. Many people travel the globe for work, and develop international relationships. These international relationships can sometimes lead to international custody disputes. Child custody matters for New York couples and others in the United States can take years to sort out. Resolutions of custody in one ...
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  • Multiple divorce approaches for New York couples

    || 16-Feb-2012

    Divorce can take a toll on families. When a divorce isn't amicable in New York, many couples think that the procedures will be drawn out through a lengthy court battle and cost more money than your combined assets are worth. The truth is, most divorces are not battled out in a trial, but are settled through various alternatives. Mediation is an alternative to going to trial to divide all of ...
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  • Preparing for divorce can help the process in Poughkeepsie

    || 8-Feb-2012

    Divorce might seem like a very daunting process. Many couples contemplating divorce in Poughkeepsie might not know where to start when they decide to divorce their spouse. Sometimes one person in the relationship handled certain aspects regarding financial decisions and the other person was more involved in maintaining the upkeep of the home. When someone seeks a divorce, they may need to take on ...
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  • 5 solid tips for dealing with the strain of a divorce

    || 3-Feb-2012

    As New York residents know, marriage dissolution will drive you crazy. So, how do you get through a divorce without losing it? A recent article discusses some valuable tips for divorcing individuals. The source reports that there are five main steps that help facilitate the departure from your former loved one. The first tip is to separate from your spouse as soon as you can. If possible, you ...
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  • Divorce, name changes can add to tax filing

    || 1-Feb-2012

    For many people, getting a divorce means a change in tax filing status. On top of filing taxes differently after a divorce, some people go through name changes. These changes need to be properly documented with the Social Security Administration so that your tax documents can be filed. Without a name that matches your Social Security number, your taxes returns could be delayed, and get quite ...
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