Blog Posts in December, 2012

  • New York child support: Dominic Raiola faces court action

    || 24-Dec-2012

    New York sports fans may be familiar with NFL center Dominic Raiola. What few may know is that he faces claims in court documents that he is is behind on his child support payments. According to those court documents, the NFL player is two months past due. Back in Feb. 2007, Dominic Raiola's wife was pregnant with the couple's third child. At the same time, Raiola became the father of ...
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  • New York divorce: Keeping the family business going after divorce

    || 19-Dec-2012

    Many married couples in New York run the family business together as a married couple. This may work well until and unless the marriage ends. When a couple decides to get a divorce, they have to decide what to do with the family business. There are couples that may work well with each other in a business relationship, but just aren't able to be married any longer. For those couples, if they ...
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  • New York divorce: Dealing with debt during a divorce

    || 12-Dec-2012

    In today's economy, there are thousands of New York couples who are struggling with a mountain of debt. In addition to a mortgage, many couples have several credit cards that may be maxed out, an auto loan, or other debt. This debt can be problematic enough during marriage, but during a divorce, it can be debilitating. When many New York couples think about getting a divorce, they think about ...
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  • New York women may lose health insurance in the divorce

    || 5-Dec-2012

    Many families in New York rely on the health insurance plan provided by one party's employer. This makes sense until the couple gets a divorce. At that time, one of the parties may find themselves without health insurance. The party that normally ends up in that position is the woman. Children may be able to remain covered under an existing health insurance policy, but the same is not often ...
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