Blog Posts in April, 2012

  • Poughkeepsie divorce doesn't have to be a financial struggle

    || 25-Apr-2012

    Many people might fear getting a divorce because of the financial uncertainty that may come with some divorce situations. With the economic uncertainty of recent years, this fear isn't without reason. However, many people can take steps before a divorce is final, to ensure the outcome of their divorce allows them to live comfortably. A Poughkeepsie divorce can sometimes leave people feeling ...
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  • Poughkeepsie paternity cases can be difficult for both parents

    || 18-Apr-2012

    Many times, when paternity is debated, the case and conclusion of paternity can have a lasting impact on not only the mother and child involved, but the father and his family. One paternity case in another state could resonate with some Poughkeepsie families. A man was wrongfully accused of paternity and wasn't able to pay child support. After being thrown in jail, he found out the child ...
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  • Child custody questions with cohabitation in Poughkeepsie

    || 12-Apr-2012

    Past data has shown that many people decide to get married before having children. A new study is showing that many people are having children while cohabitating with another person, instead of getting married, deviating from the past trend. Whatever this increase in children from cohabitation relationships is caused by, it is important to remember that there are still options for parents if they ...
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  • Poughkeepsie child custody disputes can get complicated

    || 4-Apr-2012

    Divorce can often seem like a rollercoaster when child custody matters are being handled. When two soon-to-be ex-spouses are trying to handle Poughkeepsie child custody issues, many words can be exchanged by both parties. Sometimes these words can harm one parent's case. It is important to remember that many times judges that are deciding child custody cases take into account parents' ...
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