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  • Michael R. Varble & Associates, PC Reaches 10k Likes on Facebook

    || 5-Dec-2016

    We here at Michael R. Varble & Associates, P.C. are proud to announce that our firm’s Facebook has reached 10,000 likes. This impressive accomplishment is a milestone for Attorney Varble and his legal team – our firm’s prominent social media presence is a testament to our commitment to connecting with current clients and broadening our reach to inform potential clients of the ...
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  • Happy 20th Law School Anniversary To Michael Varble!

    || 10-Jun-2016

    Our entire team at Michael R. Varble & Associates is proud to commemorate the 20 th anniversary of our founder’s law school graduation. Today, June 10, marks 20 years since Michael Varble graduated cum laude from New York Law School, where he was selected as a member of the International and Comparative Law Journal. Serving Hudson Valley for Two Decades While graduating in the top 10% of ...
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  • Michael R. Varble & Associates Welcomes Attorney Kim Demers

    || 13-May-2016

    Our firm is excited to welcome our new Associate Attorney, Kim P. Demers. Our firm has an established reputation for top-tier counsel, and we’re confident that our Kim will help us maintain this standard of excellence. Kim P. Demers is well-versed in many areas of law, and takes great pride in her ability to help individuals and families through some of the most difficult times in her life. ...
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  • What To Look For In a Personal Injury Lawyer

    || 29-Dec-2015

    Personal injury claims are complex, and many people are hesitant to pursue them as a result. Armed with the proper knowledge, however, you can find an attorney who is affordable, qualified, and dedicated to your case. In this blog, we discuss five things to look for in a Hudson Valley personal injury attorney. Have you been hurt in Poughkeepsie or the surrounding communities? Call (888) 900-6204 ...
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  • How To Choose A Hudson Valley Criminal Defense Lawyer

    || 21-Dec-2015

    Choosing a criminal defense attorney can be difficult, but it is also paramount to have the best defense in your case. Selecting the right attorney is probably the hardest decision most people are faced with when they are involved in, or charged with a crime. Here are some things you should look for when choosing your criminal defense attorney. If you’re facing criminal charges, contact ...
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  • Avoiding a DWI This Holiday Season

    || 17-Dec-2015

    The holidays have come around again and as we all grapple with another season full of shopping, events, and parties, it's important to be vigilant for another thing that comes with the holidays: more drunk driving. Every year, law enforcement augments its patrols to catch drivers coming from bars and restaurants, parties, and other holiday gatherings where they have been drinking. What kind of ...
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  • Attorney Varble Recovers More Lost Funds for Town of Beekman

    || 16-Nov-2015

    Michael R. Varble & Associates, P.C. is pleased to announce that, due to the diligent and knowledgeable work of Town of Beekman Attorney Michael R. Varble, Esq., the Town has secured another $60K in insurance money following a comptroller scandal. This recovery brings the total amount of money Attorney Varble has secured for the Town to roughly $500,000. Earlier this year, former Beekman ...
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  • The Poughkeepsie Journal Turns to Attorney Michael R. Varble for Municipal Liability Story

    || 11-Nov-2015

    Can a municipality be held responsible for damage its crumbling infrastructure causes its citizens? That's the question at the heart of the case of Mirian Boncardo, whose Fishkill home was flooded with raw sewage due to a pipe the town claims was "vandalized." The Poughkeepsie Journal turned to Michael R. Varble, Esq. for legal insight on the matter. Last week, the Boncardo family ...
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  • Michael R. Varble, Esq. Recovers $440K for the Town of Beekman

    || 14-Oct-2015

    Michael R. Varble, Esq. and our team are proud to announce that it has been successful in recovering a majority of the money stolen from the Town of Beekman following a comptroller scandal. Of the half million dollars stolen from the town, our team was able to recover $440,000. As Poughkeepsie Journal reports, former Beekman comptroller Fred Knapp pleaded guilty to the theft of approximately ...
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  • Supreme Court Legalizes Same-Sex Marriage Nationwide

    || 13-Jul-2015

    On June 26, 2015, The U.S. Supreme Court ruled that the Constitution guarantees the right of marriage to same-sex couples. The split 5-4 decision has legalized same-sex marriage nationwide and is being hailed as a major civil rights victory among analysts and LGBT communities all over the country. Speaking on behalf of the court’s majority, Justice Anthony Kennedy wrote emphatically on what ...
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  • On April 14, 2014, a resident of Chelsea Ridge Apartments fell down an exterior stairwell while taking out the trash at 9:00 am. The fall resulted in an injury to the resident’s ankle. He then turned to Michael R. Varble & Associates, P.C. to represent him and take legal action against the property owners with a premises liability suit. Upon inspection of the stairwell structure, ...
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  • Foreclosure Workouts

    || 21-Jan-2015

    One of the biggest lingering effects of the housing crash in 2008 remains the high volume of homeowners who continue to have trouble paying their mortgages. In many cases, homeowners bought their homes on the high end of the housing market bubble and obtained financing via adjustable rate mortgages. These mortgages lured many borrowers with low initial interest rates which, in many cases, ...
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  • Attorney Varble Interviewed About Mid Hudson Medical Group Sale

    || 10-Oct-2014

    In the midst of a serious medical malpractice scandal, Mid Hudson Medical Group decided to sell off its assets to Mount Kisco Medical Group. Many are speculating that one of the main reasons they made this move was to avoid future monetary damages from the onslaught of medical malpractice lawsuits they are facing. However, as Attorney Michael Varble of Michael R. Varble & Associates, P.C. ...
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  • Check Us Out on

    || 6-Aug-2014

    Please take a few minutes and check us our on at and let us know what you think.
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  • Attorney Michael Varble Plans Civil Action on Behalf of Town of Beekman in Fraud Scandal

    || 8-Jul-2014

    In a recent blog, we discussed Partner Michael Varble's work involving a local scandal in which former Town of Beekman comptroller Fred Knapp was accused of stealing nearly $400,000 from public funds to pay off personal debts. Attorney Varble – who also serves as Town Attorney for the Town of Beekman – has shared his insight on the case with many media sources and is currently ...
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  • Attorney Michael Varble to Seek Civil Suit Against Town of Beekman Comptroller

    || 29-May-2014

    Attorney Michael Varble – Partner at Michael R. Varble & Associates, P.C. – recently stepped forward to discuss the recent fraud scandal involving the Town of Beekman and Fred Knapp. Knapp – who is the former comptroller for the Town of Beekman is accused of stealing nearly $400,000 from public funds. Knapp was arrested on May 23 rd and charged with second-degree larceny. He ...
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  • Life After Bankruptcy

    || 19-May-2014

    At Michael R. Varble & Associates, P.C., our Poughkeepsie bankruptcy attorneys are committed to helping clients find relief from debt and a financial fresh start. We know that while every situation is unique, the common goal is to have a better financial life after bankruptcy. This is why we make the effort not only to guide our clients through the bankruptcy process, but to also provide them ...
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  • In today's blog post, I discuss the concept of foreseeability. It's not a pair of Google glasses, it's the risk of injury to others that can be anticipated. Foreseeability is a concept that we talk about a lot in personal injury litigation and its a concept whereby the law imposes responsibility on people to act or not act in a certain way. If the defendant acts inconsistent with what ...
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  • In today's blog post, I discuss the concept of the assumption of risk and its affect on personal injury litigation. The assumption of risk is a concept that is connected to comparative fault which I discussed in the last blog and it is something that we attorneys take into consideration when we assess your case. If you have been injured in an accident, we are always going to look at what you ...
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  • What Is Comparative Fault In A Personal Injury Lawsuit ?

    || 30-Apr-2014

    In today's blog post, I discuss the topic of comparative fault in a personal injury lawsuit. What does it mean to you, how does it work in front of a jury and what do we look at as attorneys when evaluating your case. In today's blog, I discuss some of the things that we consider when assessing our client's comparative fault in a personal injury case that we file in Court here in New ...
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  • Cross-Examination. Eveyone Knows About It, But How Is It Done ?

    || 23-Apr-2014

    In today's blog post, I discuss the art of cross examination, what it is, the purpose it serves and how it is done. Cross examination is not always designed to be an attack on a witness and, often times, the witness that has testified for the other side can provide information that will help you. So us attorneys do not always need to malign the credibility of every witness that takes the stand ...
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  • Use of Computer Generated Graphics During a Jury Trial

    || 21-Apr-2014

    In today's blog post, I discuss the use of computer generated graphics in the course few a jury trial. How do we as attorneys use this form of technology before a jury and how can it be used to help you with your case ? Well, there are many ways that it can be used to help you if you are a plaintiff in a personal injury action. If you are curious about how attorneys use this form of evidence ...
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  • Impeachment. It's The Opposite Of A Sweet Hybrid Of A Peach

    || 16-Apr-2014

    In today's blog post, I discuss impeachment, what it means, how it's done and how it can affect your case. Impeachment certainly isn't sweet for the witness who is being impeached, but it may be sweet for the other party and his or her attorney. It is normally a very effective tool to discredit a witness and every attorney and every client should know something about how it's done. ...
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  • In today's blog post, I discuss the dead man's statute. It's really not something out of a pirate movie even though it sounds like it. The dead man's statute deals with a common law rule that a witness or party to a transaction that survives cannot prove an event through testimony about what the dead person said or did without there being some other form of evidence in the record. ...
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  • The Attorney-Client Privilege: We Can't Talk About Squat

    || 11-Apr-2014

    In today's blog post, I discuss the attorney-client privilege. Why does it exist, what does it protect and how do we deal with it on an almost daily basis. The attorney-client privilege is one of the oldest and most well knows privileges in our business and we have the issue come up time and time again. That being said, the job of the litigation process and the Courts is to engage in truth ...
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