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Some families come to the challenging territory of needing to pursue guardianship over a child. This can include grandparents who believe the child's parents are abusing or neglecting the child, or a close family friend who wishes to provide medical care for the child, but does not know where to locate the parents. In these situations, guardianship as a formal process can grant a person the legal rights needed to act on behalf of the child's welfare. Our team of experienced lawyers provide one-on-one attention, assisting you in navigating the petition process to minimize the struggle for both you and the child.

Guardianship to Protect a Child

Any person can petition the court for guardianship over a child under the age of 18. However, the petitioner must be able to prove that circumstances make it necessary for him or her to take legal custody of the child. Also, even if the petitioner gains legal guardianship, the obligations of the parents do not end entirely. For example, the parents must still assume financial responsibility for the child and may not take the child away without court approval. If the parental support is insufficient, guardians can apply for public assistance programs such as Medicaid or other programs.

Other Types of Guardianship

Some families may face the need for other types of guardianship, such as guardianship over a person with a disability, guardianship over an elderly parent, or guardianship over a loved one with severe mental illness. In these cases where the person in question is not a child, the level of guardianship should be consistent with the person's ability to care for him/herself and make informed decisions.

In any situation, filing for guardianship can be a heart-wrenching process. Keep in mind that if you do not ask the court to appoint you as a guardian in a timely manner, you may lose the authority to do so. To avoid this, contact a family lawyer at Michael R. Varble & Associates, P.C. right away to learn how you can protect that child you love.

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