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If you and your former spouse are in a dispute over child custody, you are advised to obtain the legal assistance of our prepared and practiced Poughkeepsie custody lawyers at once. You may also face issues regarding child custody if you are involved in a paternity case or need to address a post-divorce circumstance. Families can be drastically impacted by the decisions made by the family court regarding child custody arrangements, which is why you should not trust your case to a young, inept, or incompetent attorney.

If you are facing stress associated with a child custody case, we encourage you to seek guidance from our legal team at Michael R. Varble & Associates, P.C. We are familiar with opposing attorneys and their strengths and weaknesses, and you will benefit from having our clever, insightful, and compelling representation.

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How Child Custody Is Determined in New York

Where and with whom a child will live is addressed in a child custody case. Legal custody refers to the parent who has rights to make decisions regarding the child's future. Physical custody regards the parent with whom the child lives as well as the actual place where the child resides. The parent with physical custody has the right and responsibility to make decisions regarding the everyday undertakings of the child. In New York, neither parent will be given preference to child custody because this decision is made based on parenting ability and other criteria, not an individual's sex.

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Your child custody case will be determined from the family court based on the best interests of your son or daughter. Our Hudson Valley child custody attorneys can help you pursue the best results possible. We can assist either parent as they seek child custody from the family court.

With more than 15 years of experience, our seasoned team can help you resolve the legal dispute over child custody. Our informed and qualified lawyers understand how important this matter is, and we can use every available tactic to reach a favorable outcome. Contact us today to gain a better understanding of your case!

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