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When a divorce is imminent, it could not be more urgent to get legal representation to protect your interests. A married couple has often accrued a great number of assets over the term of the marriage, and the division of these assets can be a complex situation. At Michael R. Varble & Associates, P.C., we have gained a reputation for providing the highest level of professional skill in family law and divorce, and we are available to assist you.

With over 15 years of experience, you can expect service far beyond the usual. We have served as counsel in many difficult cases, as well as helping couples to end a marriage through a simple, uncontested divorce. Thankfully, our state has finally changed the law so that a no-fault divorce can be filed. This allows couples that agree on the critical issues to end the marriage far more easily.

Divorce Agreements: Litigation or Negotiation

We believe that any person facing divorce must be extremely careful about the agreements that are made. The impact of a divorce will last for many years, both personally and financially. Issues regarding support, children and the division of property must be carefully managed so that you do not lose some portion of the marital property unnecessarily, or make agreements about the children that you do not believe will work best for your family. It is often far better to negotiate an agreement outside of court, as no court can fully understand all the details of a relationship, and will finally choose to apply formulas to come to a decision. Your family and your situation are actually unique, and making arrangements privately that will work in your situation is often a better solution. We are highly proficient in negotiating the terms of a divorce settlement, and we advise that you call us before you make any decisions about these crucial issues.

Our firm also serves in all post decree matters, including enforcements, modifications, paternity issues and other family law matters. If you are considering drafting a prenuptial agreement, the skill with which it is drafted will have much to do with what occurs should the agreement later be challenged. One word out of place can lead to huge losses. Don't take chances – call our firm for any divorce or family law matter.

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