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At Michael R. Varble & Associates, P.C., we have over 15 years of legal experience, and are often called upon to serve in difficult divorce cases. We also represent those who are facing a less complex divorce in which there is a general agreement about the division of the marital assets, custody of children and support. No matter what your situation is, our firm is prepared to act for you and protect your interests. We have an extensive background in family law, and our insight into how to resolve the most contentious issues has proven to be a great advantage in many cases. Are you considering a divorce?

Speak with one of our Beacon divorce attorneys before you make any decisions. The actions you take prior to filing could have some degree of impact on what occurs after filing. For example, it is not recommended that you try to transfer any assets to another family member in an effort to avoid losses, as you could face legal consequences if it appears to the court that you are trying to avoid paying your share in a split of assets. Moving out of the family home may make it more difficult to even move back in, and so on. No matter what your situation is, we can give you advice that could save you difficulties in the future.

High Net Worth Divorce in Beacon

There are some couples that have a great number of assets. One or both have a high income, and during the term of the marriage, more assets were acquired. Funds could have been comingled extensively, with personal funds used for various upgrades of property, purchases, investments, and so on. Our firm has the resources to call upon to sort out the most complex financial situations in high net worth cases, as well as litigate when there has been a prenuptial agreement in place that is now being contested.

When a couple divorces, there are several issues that must be evaluated, including the duration of the marriage, the ability of each party to earn a living, the standard of living that was enjoyed during the term of the marriage, and issues regarding the raising of children, and who has been the primary caregiver to the children. One party may have sacrificed a career to care for children, or supported the other while in college gaining a professional license. All of these matters can be important in a final decision made at trial. We carefully analyze every detail, and we act to protect the interests of our clients. How your case is presented at trial can affect the outcome, and you can trust our firm to be professional, have all information and documentation in order, and to seek the best possible settlement.

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