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An annulment terminates a marriage based on evidence that proves the marriage to be invalid. The marriage can either be void, meaning it should have never happened (e.g., incestuous marriages, bigamy, etc.), or it can be voidable, meaning one of the following conditions is true:

  • One person is under the legal age of consent (i.e., under age 18).
  • One person is physically incapable of sexual intercourse.
  • One person was incapable of consent due to force, fraud, or mental illness.
  • One person succumbs to incurable mental illness for five years or more.

There will still be a record of the marriage and the annulment, but those involved will be considered to have never been married. In other words, an annulment makes a marriage retroactively both null and void. Although getting an annulment is challenging, at Michael R. Varble & Associates, P.C., we have more than 15 years of legal experience. Our knowledgeable team of divorce lawyers can ensure you fully understand the annulment process, helping you reach the best outcome possible.

Child Custody and Property Division

In annulments where the spouses had children together, both parties will be responsible for any children who are still minors. A judge will determine child custody, support, and visitation much the same way he or she would in a divorce case. Annulments also involve property division, with assets distributed fairly between the two spouses.

While an annulment is similar to a divorce in some ways, the grounds for annulment are more limited than those for divorce. In New York, a court can issue a divorce based on the testimony of one person without going to trial. However, an annulment requires a trial or an inquest before a judge.

If you believe you have grounds for an annulment, our highly skilled team is ready to discuss your options. If you have children or own property, you will want to be familiar with the details that apply to your specific situation. Although it can be difficult to get an annulment due to the evidence required, a qualified lawyer can give you the professional insight you need to make an informed decision. Contact one of our Hudson Valley divorce attorneys for more information regarding an annulment in New York.

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